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I want to add a formula field to check the URL with parameters that has the source name and if its present type that particular platform name in the column

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The URL will contain the source as PlatformA or PlatformB.So I want to find out what is present and if it matches type the same in the column.

Tried using the following IF statement but irrespective of what’s there in the URL its always showing up PlatformB in the column.

IF(“URL = PlatformA”, “PlatformA”,IF(“URL = PlatformB”,“PlatformB”," NoSource"))


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Hey @satya_raju! Welcome in!

The solution to your exact problem is with a formula like this:

    {URL PlatformA},
        {URL PlatformB},
        "⛔ Missing Source!"

In production, it will look like this:


Quotations in Airtable’s formula syntax indicate a string, rather than a variable input.
Curly brackets achieve what you’re looking for.

Bonus Content!

It kinda depends on your context, but you can write the formula in a way that does not require the two fields that contain the names of the platforms.

Using this formula:

    {URL PlatformA},
    "Cool Platform",
        {URL PlatformB},
        "The Best Platform",
        "🛑 Missing Source!"

You will get this:


This removes the two fields that just contain the names of the platforms.
It helps with data bloat/congestion from dedicating two fields from just holding names of the platforms.

In Airtable, the ideal structure is to use linked records, however, if you want to stick to your original method, this is a solid way to keep everything clean and streamlined.

Just food for thought.