Invalid URL in parameter in "MAKE" after passing an empty field

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello everyone, I have a scenario where I am extracting entries from Google Sheets (different types) and pass it to #Airtable using #Make (#Integromat)

The error that I'm getting is "Invalid URL in parameter", I mapped the fields from G Sheets (URL) to the fields related I have in Airtable (Type: URL). The URL fields that have value didn't throw any errors, only the empty fields have thrown this error.



Below you can find the scenario in #Make (#Integromat)


below is the module (Upsert a record in #Airtable) that have the errors):


As you can see from the previous image, When I tried to map the field as is while it's empty it threw the error, and I tried to use (ifempty) formula but the same happened.

Does anyone have any idea of how to handle empty fields (especially URLs) ?

Thank you!

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With JavaScript, you can write an expression using an OR operand of two values, so that if one of values returns null-ish, the other will then default.

let myDynamicValue = "My changing value";
let myVariable = myDynamicValue ||"A Default String";

This returns "My changing value"

If we set a null-ish value, the default string kicks in;

let myDynamicValue = null;
let myVariable = myDynamicValue ||"A Default String";

"A Default String" returns when myDynamicValue is null/undefined.

This is a common coding practice within an Airtable Script extension/automation - is there anywhere within your tech stack to write such code?

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Thanks Karlstens for your answer, I'm trying to keep it simple "no code" in this project. The only tools I'm using right now is "Make" and "Airtable", and at the end i planning to add "Softr" to it.

The weird thing is that other fields that I have empty is not returning any errors (other types: Text, Single Select, etc.). Links is what making these errors.

Hopefully you'll find a no-code trick to solve this. Depending on how much automation you're planning for the future, it still might be worth your while learning some basics - as low-code, minimum scripting can make all the difference for getting an otherwise no-code automation up and running.