Last modified field updating when an un-editable field is updated

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I am looking for a way to make my 'Last Modified' column update when a look up field updates. I understand that this is not directly able to happen as it is not an editable field. But I was wondering if I could do this with automation? The look up field is a text box and could contain anything.

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Hi @EllieBailey,

You can solve your problem with an Airtable automation, structured in the following way:

Assumption on your Table Structure:
- Table 1 which has the lookup field (this is the table you wish to update). This table would have 2 fields: Last Update date field, linked field to Table 2)
- Table 2 which is the table connected from which the lookup is originating - it should have 3 fields: Field you are looking up, Last update field which would be automatically looking at when the field you are looking up is updated, linked field connected to table 1, with a field representing the Record ID of that link

Structuring your automation:
1) Set the trigger as 'when a record is updated,' selecting Table 2 and checking at when the field you are looking up is modified
2) Set the 'update record' action, choosing to update your Table 1 -> choosing as record ID, the ID of the linked record from Table 1 in your Table 2. Then choose as field to update the Last Update column date field in Table 1, updating it with the value coming from the Last Update field in Table 2

I hope this helps!


Hi Alessio,

Thanks for your time. As you can see on the screenshot attached, I can't select the Last Update column because it says it is computerised.