Limitations for inserting new records from a template table

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi AT Community,

For a project I am doing resesarch on record templates. I was wondering if Airtable has any limitations on how many new records can be created at once when using a task template table to insert new tasks once a project has entered a table with certain column conditions.

So, there is a project table where a new record will be created with certain columns. A combination of columns will set of an automation that will trigger the creation of new records in a task table, based on a task template. 

I currently have 90 tasks related to a certain project label, which need to bo copied from the task template table to the task table (the projects are pretty standardized regarding tasks). Is this possible in Airtable, or are there any limitations on how many records can be created at once through an automation?

Looking forward to your reply, thanks in advance.



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