Linking a Slack message into Airtable w/ automation

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello -
We currently use Airtable for our content production processes. Right now, when a user submits a request to our intake form, it generates a record on the base, creates a Jira ticket, and sends a confirmation message to a shared slack channel, that links the Jira ticket and adds the Jira URL to the Airtable record.

It works great, and as we try to move people to an easier process, we want to continue to use that Slack message to communicate cross functionally about the specific request. However, I am wondering if there’s a way to link that slack message to the airtable base somehow via automation?

It would likely be the last step in the automation to update the record with the thread link. Is this possible? If so, has anyone accomplished this or know how you might?

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I have successfully use to watch slack responses (in my case an emoji reply) to send data to the Airtable webhook automation to update a record in Airtable.

Ah interesting, this would be great. Right now Make/Integromat isn’t approved for integration on our Slack instance by our Security team so this might not be an option.

Zapier is another option if Make is not approved. I do not think Airtable natively can not listen for Slack, only post to it using the incoming webhook. You will need some layer to listen to Slack.

Alternatively you can send in your Slack message a link to the airtable record, or a form.