Re: Linking parent and child tasks within the same table (using automations)

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I have a table with tasks and would like to also manage subtasks in the same table. Currently, I have a linked field called "child". Using this field, I link to other tasks within the same table. So, a parent task record might show multiple linked records in the "child" field. I also have a "parent" field that allows linking to a single other record within the same table.

I'm looking for a solution that works as follows:

Trigger: When the field "child" of a record is updated

Action: Update "parent" field of the child record (s)*

I created an automation that works for parent records with a single linked record in the "child" field (I did this by creating a formula field that converts the linked record in the "child" field to text). But whenever the "child" field has more than one record, the automation breaks down. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance! 

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What are you updating in the parent record?  Could you share screenshots of the table with relevant fields as well as screenshots of your automation as it is now?

Same-table parent-child linked field options are absolutely needed. Automations and scripts just don't cut it for what I consider would be such a core feature.