Re: Looking for advice on how to setup empty channels to fill out for a marketing calendar

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6 - Interface Innovator

Currently I work with a non-profit church team using a spreadsheet to schedule channels of communication for the year. They would like to move to another system like Airtable, but they like the fact they can visualize the empty channels on a spreadsheet so they know what channels are open they can fill. The only way I assume we can do this in Airtable is if we pre-generate a record for every channel and day of the year using automations, but that would be a LOT of records. Any advice if this is the right way to go? Here is the current spreadsheet for reference: 

Thanks ahead for any advice!

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That is true. Spreadsheets work the exact opposite of Airtable, in that they start off with a full sheet of empty cells you can then fill in later. With Airtable, nothing exists until you create it.

Note that in Airtable, you would want to make the rows the dates and the columns the channels. And like you said, you would need to pre-generate the records. That could be a pain, but it would only be 365 records per year, and you’d only have to do it once per year.