Looking for an automation to duplicate a record and delete the old copy

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey everybody,
I need your help

I have an automation that works when a new record is created. However, I already have over 7,000 existing records.

I want to add a button to all the records that pressing it will:

  1. Duplicate the record.
  2. Delete the old record.
  3. Remove the word “clone” that was added to the new record.

What is the easiest solution you recommend?


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Welcome to the community, @tal_shahar.

You can’t delete records via native automations, so you would either need to:

  1. Write your own custom JavaScript. We have some Javascript experts here in the community, so perhaps one of them might chime in to help with a script.


  1. You can use a no-code automation tool like Integromat, which doesn’t require any JavaScript or coding knowledge.
4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi @ScottWorld, thank you for your help.
Any guides you can point me to, for me to learn how to use any of the suggested options?

Here is @JonathanBowen’s training blog on scripting:

And here is Integromat’s support article on Airtable, plus some Airtable templates:

Welcome to the Airtable community!

If you want a button to duplicate a record and delete the original, you can use a script in Scripting app. You do not need to use an automation.

On the other hand, duplicating a record and delete the original is a very unusual workflow. Do you need to have a new record with a new created time? Do you need a new record to trigger an automation in an external system?

If you want a script, you should decide if you want to learn scripting or if you just want working code. If you want to learn scripting, the resources that Scott pointed out are very helpful. If you just want working code and have budget for an experienced script writer, feel free to make an appointment with me to discuss you scripting needs.

Thank you, I will go over both options.

Thank you for your reply.
I need a new record to be created in order to trigger a different automation.
I only need a working code, but hoped to find it already out there.