Looking to send an email to users with all records that match specific conditions once a month

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I've got a table that has a single select field. I'd like to parse all records in that status by airtable user, and send that user all records in 1 email once a month.

I've got this worked out kind of, but it emails each per matching record - I'd like to make it send 1 email and include all records. Screenshot is what I'm doing that emails each record to that airtable user.



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Are your users in a linked table? If not, can you change to a setup where with users are in a linked table?

With that two table setup …

Start with a find records action to find all the users. 

Then have a repeating action group. Within the repeating action group, do a second find records action that finds the records for the current user. Then have email action that sends the results of the find to the current user.