[Make/Integromat] Search Airtable records if Google Drive File name Contains ID

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello All!

I'm trying to make the Airtable search function in Make/Intergromat say "IF a google drive file name contains an Airtable content id, then show me that record" so I can then add the files web view link to the record. 
So the finished automation would be: WHEN "finished file" is uploaded to "finished folder" THEN add the google drive link to the records Finished URL field 

The current formula im using us 
IF(FIND("{{}}", {Title}&""), "yes", "no")
It's "working" but the results are unrelated to the file name... see screenshot 

What forumla should I use to tell Make/Intergromat to search for the record?

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