Making previous 'special item' status draft when creating a new 'special item'

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey, I am having trouble with automating it where when a new 'special item' is created it will deactivate the previous 'special item' in the list and have the new one be active, I keep having errors with the update record.

The attached file shows my screen

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Few things I notice:

1. I don’t think you need conditional logic in this automation. You’re finding records where the status is “Active” and then only continuing if the status of the records you found is “Active”… which, by the nature of your find records step, will always be true. And if you have found more than one record, this logic might actually cause the automation to stop.

2. If your find records step finds more than one record, this automation will always fail because you’d be trying to update multiple records with one step. To be safe, I would change the conditional logic to be a repeating group. Use the list of records you’ve found from your find records step and loop through each one.

3. In your update records step, you need to change the input of the record ID field to be the record IDs from the find records step. Right now you’re using the name, which is not a record ID. If you do change to a repeating group, you would need to use the ID of the current record (as opposed to the list of IDs from the find records step). 

I hope that all makes sense. Happy to answer any other questions you might have 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for including a picture of your automation.  You are trying to use a name where you need a recordId.  change this to the recordId in the list and you should be set.