Newbie here, I would love some help with an automation

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Hey Team,

Whilst i"m no stranger to formulas I am new to Airtable and would love some help with a project. 

First an automation where I can enter a number in one table and it will create that number in records in another table. To put it into context, I am a Dog Breeder, I have created a table for my Studs & Dams and also for their Litters (Projects). I have a column in the Projects referring to number of puppies and I want the automation to create Puppy Profiles for each puppy. So if they have four, I want four Puppy Profiles created. 

The automation I have used so far is "When a record matches condition" in which I have used 'if project name is not empty', and 'if DOB is not empty' then create Puppy Profile but i want to add script so it adds for example '4' records because their are 4 puppies.  Could anyone help me to write my first script? 🙏

In my second screenshot I would ideally love for the Project name and DOB to populate as well, I'm still looking into making that work

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I'd do this backwards. Populate the table through a form and have a count field display the number of puppies.

Setting this up in an Interface might be the simplest. Could create a workflow. Have a button to make a new Litter with a form. Within this form, you can select Studs and Dams. Now, let users open up record details. In here, display the linked Puppy Profiles. Again, allow user to create new records through a form. This form could include the puppy DOB and Project Name etc. All you'll need to do now is fill out a form for every new puppy. You can add the count field that counts how many in the link field.

You might be able to do a similar setup without interfaces if you don't want to get into that side of things. Create a Form view to make new puppy profiles and include the field to select Parent Profile (Link Field).