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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi there, 

My Goal (Image 1)

  • I am trying to automate an email newsletter to send job postings stored in an Airtable base using the SendGrid extension. 


  • In a Jobs table I auto generate the HTML for this list item in a field. (Image 2)
  • In a Newsletter table, I lookup the HTML list items, of the jobs that are included in the issue and put it into an unordered list (UL). (Image 3)

The Problem: 

  • When I parse the UL {listings} into the Sendgrid extension, it only displays the raw HTML. (Image 4+5)
  • When I paste the raw HTML directly into the SendGrid extension, it renders it correctly. (Image 6+7)
  • The same is true when I use this in conjunction with an HTML template from SendGrid. 

How can I fix this?
Many thanks

The problem: 
When I parse the 

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Sorry that I don’t have the answer for you. Maybe others will have some advice for you.

It’s possible that this is a flaw or a limitation in the SendGrid extension. Personally, I would try this using Make’s SendGrid module, and see if it works properly there. If so, then it seems like it’s a problem with the SendGrid extension. If not, then it is possibly a SendGrid issue.

If it’s an issue with the extension, you can email to report the problem. 

p.s. There can be a bit of a learning curve with Make, which is why I created this basic navigation video for Make, along with providing the link to Make’s free training courses.

Hi Scott, thanks for the tips. I tried the make / SendGrid integration but didn't understand how to handle bcc fields and send emails to multiple emails (based on an email lookup field). Additionally, I think the direct integration is sleeker.

Your make video is nice indeed. 


There are many different ways to handle lookup fields when using Airtable's API (which is what Make uses), but possibly the easiest way is to simply create a formula field in Airtable that looks like this:

{Your Lookup Field} & ""

That will convert your lookup field from "an array of Record ID's" into a "string of text" that you can immediately use elsewhere, such as Make. Be sure to refresh your Airtable module(s) in Make to see the new fields that you just added.

Hi Scott, I tried it again with Make but no luck. 
I converted all my emails into a string as you suggested but I still get an error and don't see how I can use BCC in the "send an email" block. 
I never used the API (or any API really). Could you point me somewhere? I couldn't find good tutorials on how to send emails from Airtable with Make and SendGrid. 
Thanks for the support!