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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Create an automation that adds all items with a specific labels to another table so that I dont have to connect them manually.

Struggling with:
I have a table of items that I label manually via a single selection. 
Then, I have a second table where I link specific items based on their label, and use a lookup (in a different column) to retrieve all the values for selection. Then, on the third column, I have a  formula that SUM all the values.

I want to create an automation that adds items automatically to the second table every time condition (selected label) is met, so that I dont have to manually link the items that have the label I want to the second table. 

This sounds possible to do, but after many tries, I wasnt able to do it and decided to request your help in making it happen 🙂

Thank you

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Hm, what if you just created an automation that would trigger on every new record created in the first table that would link it to the record(s) in the second table, and use a conditional rollup in the second table?

So all of your records in the first table would be linked to the "Income" record for example, and you would create a rollup field with `SUM(values)` that would only include records that met the condition where the select field option was "Paid"?

Thanks for your reply.

Thats what I tried doing but had no success yet. Maybe I am doing something wrong. This is what I tried so far to no avail:

1. I set trigger that for every item on the table that matches the condition "Paid"
2. I create an action that creates a record in the "Income (claims)" row as shown in the image

However, when I do this, the automation asks me to select 1 item from the list of items meeting condition in 1.
What I want is that once the condition is met, all the items are added to the table.

Maybe I am using the wrong action? I tried all the other, but none gave me the output I was looking for yet.

Ah interesting.  Could you provide screenshots of your automation setup please?  If you could DM me a link to an example base that would be very helpful too

Thanks for your help.

Follows 3 screenshots that might help you understand what I am trying to do.

I also include a screenshot of the table format I want all the claims to be added -- if conditions are met, their ID should be added to "Income(claims)" cell

Hi Fabio, assuming the screenshot with the single record with the name "Income" is the "Revenue" table, then could you try modifying your automation to, instead of creating a new record in "Revenue", to update your triggering record instead? 

Specifically, you would update the triggering record's linked field to the "Revenue" table with the value "Income", which should do what you're looking for

Thank you so much for helping me with this.

I tried your suggestion and it didn't work.

I believe its because my description wasn't accurate enough.

I think I can do a better job on this one.

  1. Currently, there is a main table (🔗main-table.png) where all the important records are kept. The most important thing in this table (for this automation) is the Unique ID and the Status of the claim.
  2. My goal is that when a claim status turns either Waiting for Payment or Paid, the unique ID of this record is sent to the Revenue Table via a table Link input.
  3. So, upon triggering (🔗trigger-all-claims-status.png -- which seems correctly set up), all the records matching the conditions above would be linked to the revenue table cell, just like its showing in "🔗revenue-table.png" (all together under a cell. Added them manually for reference only).
  4. At the moment, the solution you proposed looks like "🔗output-revenue-table.png"

Curious to know if this description is easier to follow 🙂

Thank you so much

Ahh thank you for the explanation and your patience

In the image `output-revenue-table.png`, the "Update Record" action is for a record in "Revenue".  Could you try changing it to the table "All Claims", leaving the record ID field the same, and making the value for the linked field to "Revenue" be "Income" please?