POST API to automate form submission and send details to third party application

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Dear Community Member,

We have a simple form in Airtable. We want to send the form input to third party app using POST API with basic authentication. Is it possible to do this operation?

Can someone has dummy code to pass basic authorisation then please share or suggest how to pass the authorisation details.

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Yes, you can do this by writing your own custom JavaScript. There are JavaScript experts in these forums who may be able to help you with this.

If you don’t know JavaScript, you can use a no-code automation tool like Zapier or to do this, which doesn’t require any coding at all. (I prefer because it is way more powerful & less expensive than Zapier.)

Alternatively, you can use the Data Fetcher app, but it can’t be automated to trigger when a form is submitted. It can run on a schedule.

Thnak you Scott for this help. We have written our java script but I am struggling to understand the authentication part and how to set that.

I don’t know JavaScript, so I can’t help you there. But perhaps somebody else will chime in!

Thank You Scott. Hopefully other community members can help me.