Querying Records based on specific field values, including Linked Field

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Generally, I've been very happy with Airtable's documentation and what's available in the community.  Not so much with this issue.  I see posts ALL OVER the community about people needing to query a table or view and filter their results (like a typical WHERE clause in SQL).  This is one of the most common questions/issues I see, and yet the support from Airtable staff on providing very clear example code for accomplishing this is between abysmal to non-existent.  I'm no genius, but I'm fairly bright.  Trying to figure out the exact syntax for accomplishing this from the info available is way to difficult!  Come on, Airtable!  Help us out!

I'd like to see a new section that supplies plenty of specific script code samples for the most common query filtering, such as...

1) A basic string field "where FIELD = 'Some value'"

2) When multiple fields need to be included . "where FIELD1 = 'value' AND FIELD2 = 'somevalue'"

3) When your filtering on a Linked Field

4) Can you filter on Lookup or Formula fields?

5) How about a Order by as well?

6) What about a Count function from a filtered select?

These are just SOME of the very basic and easy things one can do in SQL, but seem to be extremely convoluted without exact examples.  I'm still confident these ARE possible, but I'm asking for Airtable to step up and do much better in supporting the community on this common issue.

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

OK.  Nothing yet from Airtable staff or anyone else in the community?  Can anyone provide a generalized script example for dynamic filtering of records from a table?  I truly believe this should be a specific how-to page provided by Airtable.