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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I have a fairly complicated script that classifies inbound emails written to my Airtable via Integromat. The script is based on text string matching against the content of the email.

Script triggers every time a new record is written to my table and enters a view - ie it uses the ‘when record enters a view’ trigger, and it functions very well.

This script processes hundreds of emails per day, and the content of those emails can change at any time, so I’m regularly adding new text strings to my script so it can recognise new variants of the incoming emails it processes.

This works fine for auto-classifying the future emails that match the most recent text string update in my script, but very often by the time I’ve updated the script with a new variant I’ll already have tens of matching emails already in my table, and it requires manual work to go back and classify them.

What is the best/most elegant way to re-run my classifier script over the existing records in my view every time I make an update to the script?

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