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Hello to all,

I have a table with products and their price, and I want to indicate automatically a price range using the symbol “$”; “$$” or “$$$”.

I am trying to run an automation to update the record “Price Range” record when the condition “Price ($US/m) < 5$”, meaning I want to display “$” in the field Price range when the price is under $5.

So here is what I did


but when I launch the test only one record is found and so it only updates one record.
However when I apply a filter on my view (price under $5) I clearly see that 10 records match the condition.

I tried adding the action “Find a record” where the condition is prince under $5 and it does find it, but then I don’t find the way to update the records.

Could you help me solve this problem?

Thank you,


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Welcome to the community, @Chloe_Soulier!

In your case, it seems like creating a formula field might be better for you instead of an automation. Formulas will always calculate for all of your records, without you needing to worry about updating individual records.

However, if you do stick with automations:

Automations will only work moving forward AFTER you create the automation — they won’t go back in time and update older records that are already in the system, as long as those records remain static & unchanged. But if those older records get changed (and the change matches the condition of your automation’s trigger), then the automation would trigger for those records.

Additionally, the “Find A Record” function doesn’t work in the way that any of us would expect it to work — sadly, it doesn’t actually go through all the records that were found afterwards.

Hey Chloe,

As Scott mentioned, this is probably a better fit use-case for a formula.

I’m not sure what all your pricing ranges need to be, but you can use this formula to get started.

IF(Price <= 5, "$",IF(Price <=10, "$$", IF(Price >10, "$$$")))

This says
If the price is equal to or less than $5, display $
if the price is less than or equal to 10, display $$
if the price is greater than 10, display $$$

It will look like this in your table:



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