Reporting and Automations - Many Enterprise Features are DOA

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

It has been a long time since the promise and reality of a product is so far apart. I am a fan of Airtable until you have to do any meaningful reporting or distribution of data. Charting is worthless, even using vega-lite, a great tool in full form is turned into a hollow shell with "lite." Charts and Reports from Data Fetcher is much better but cannot put Data Fetcher on an "Interfaces" dashboard, so it becomes less useful. This leaves me with PowerBI queries or Google Automation, both are fine but just another place to have to do work.

Then I found automations that can create a Google doc or an Outlook email. I thought my day was going to immediately get better. Then I find that product is about 20% complete. For example, if you want to report on a Activities table that has a link to a Customer to use as a subject like "Status report as of [date] for [Customer/Project], the automation adds the customer name to the subject line for as many records as in Activities. Not to mention, you cannot do a transform on the date so you get UTC. Not friendly. 

I figure, ok, I will make a simple subject and move to the body of the message, a table. Yeah, a table that is properly formatted from Airtable. See below. The table looks great, but you cannot sort the table and you cannot access an Airtable view. SO this is now worthless. How do people even use this platform with others that are not using Airtable?  I will turn back to Data Fetcher but come on Airteam development.

Your CEO wants to pivot and go after the enterprise market, without any modest analytics or reporting the solution is DOA. 


Limited charts on Dashboard, including no conditional formatting, no multiple axis plots, vertical but not horizonal bar charts. 



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