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4 - Data Explorer


I'm evaluating if I can user Airtable for a Job Requisition Approval process.

  1. Hiring manager fills out form for new vacancy  (done)
  2. New records ends up in table (done)
  3. Boss of hiring manager get's email notification (done)
  4. email includes a link to a form showing the recordset data and a approve/disapprove choice (not done)

I don't get how I can do 4. Any ideas?



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You can enter in the record data using the "Airtable Record URL" placeholder in your email message automation. This will be a direct link to the record that was used.

In this scenario, they will need to be a User in your Airtable base and have Editor or Creator permissions. Then you can have a Status field in your table where they can Approve/Not Approve. You won't be able to select the Status from the email itself.




Hannah - - Apps for Airtable - Dashboards, Forms, Backups, and Documents

Thank you for your fast reply! A link to the record is good enough. But is there a way to configure the form?

If I enter the link all fields can be edited again. I'd love to limit it to show necessary fields and only the approval field being editable. 

Hey Marvin,

Unfortunately, that is not possible with Airtable forms. You can't update records with a native Airtable form. And If the person you're emailing is an Editor User, they can edit data in any field.

You can do this with 3rd party tools, like our On2Air Forms app, a form and dashboard builder for Airtable.

Hannah - - Apps for Airtable - Dashboards, Forms, Backups, and Documents