Should be easy record creation automation, but test keeps failing

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Hi All! Newbie to the Community, but not to Airtable. I have a Table, Table 1, where info is populated by form submission from everyone in my office who completes a task. I am trying to feed a subset of that information into Table 2. (Let’s assume for some reason that creating a new View of Table 1 won’t meet my needs.)

My Trigger tests perfectly:

But my automation Action keeps failing. This is a simple pull - a number is entered into a form that populates a record. I want it to pull the record identifier (which is, in both tables, a number entry Primary Field) over from Table 1 to Table 2.

I cannot fathom what would be going wrong here!

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Am I correct in that the destination field is a # (Number) field?

I’m wondering if your source field is not a number?

Hi @Chris_Guthrie! You are correct that the destination field is a # field. The source field is also a # field.

Ya, I’m stumped here also. Can we see a screenshot of your action also?

I’d open a case with support. They’re pretty quick in their replies.

I’ll open a case with support as well, but here are the screenshots of the Action!