Showing a list of linked records in another table

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4 - Data Explorer

I have a Table, called Production Sheet, and each production "day" links to a master Batch sheet for that week. There can be many production days pulling from a single Batch Sheet in another table. 

I can link to the batch sheet just fine. What I would like to do is have the batch sheet show all of the linked production days, which would be separate entries in each of the production days. 

I thought this would be simple by running an automation, when a batch sheet is linked on the production sheet, by finding the batch sheet that matches that date, and adding that production sheet date to a field in the batch sheet. Of course, this would need to concurrently add to that field and not erase it, as multiple records would be added daily throughout the week. 

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Hmm, could you provide a screenshot with some example data, specifically a manual example of what you'd want the data to look like after the automation has run?  Would love to help but finding it hard to visualize what you want!

I was actually able to fix it easily and natively without automations.  I just added a link, on the batch table record, to a new field called production schedules, which grabs all the all production dates in that table that are themselves, attached to the batch table record. This way, I can show all production days on the batch table, that are attached to that batch date. Probably sounds confusing to others but it works. Thanks.