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I have a table with attendance records (which meeting participates complete via form), and each person chooses their 'team name." There's another field with "session" that is a dropdown (these are monthly meetings, so choices are November Monthly Meeting, December Monthly Meeting, January ..... it's a program that runs Oct - May, 8 months.)

I have a Teams table and set a rollup field for each month that tells me how many attendance records their are, and restricted it to that one month. I did this for each month, so that will tell me how many people attended each month. However, besides the number I added another field for each month with a status. I am building an automation to turn the status to "attended" if the rollup field is not zero. (I wanted it this way so that I can change it to "excused" manually if they contact us to say they can't come.

Here's my question: I know how to do a simple automation to turn each month's status to "attended" based on the rollup field changing. However, I really don't want to do 8 separate automations to run one per month- it just seems messy.

Is there a way I could string these together in one automation to turn any of these fields to "attended" if the corresponding rollup field is not zero? Like with consecutive triggers and consecutive update record actions?


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I can't think of a simple way to do that within one automation alone, hopefully someone else has an idea

If you're okay with adding more fields to your table, you could:
1. Create one formula field per rollup that will output either "Attended" or "Excused" based on that rollup field
2. Have a single automation that will update the record by pasting the value from those formula fields into their respective single select fields

That'd be a single automation with a single action