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Single select field not available to paste into body of email automation based on conditions

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In constructing an email automation when a record matches conditions, I am unable to select a single select airtable field (located in the same base as the selected record that matches the conditions) to insert into the email body. The desired field is a single select field. This field does not appear on the field selection list. It is not a linked field, a lookup field, nor is it the result of a formula. The automation works correctly. However, without the single select field in the body of the email, the customer will not know with which item there is a question.

The base in question is called “QuiltFest2022” The Table in question is “Entries.” The single select field is “Category.” The Automation in question is Automation 2: If Email is not empty and CatStatus=1. I have included two screen shots of the automation,

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