Slack integration has wrong UID labeled for me? Action messages say "You do not have access"

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey everyone

Trying to use Slack's Action messages to give myself 3 options to update a record's status. Everything works great, except when I click a status update button I get "You do not have access to this Airtable record, or it has been deleted." as an error in Slack.

Within Airtable, I get 

"The user who responded does not have permission to edit this record, or the record has been deleted.
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Step run a few seconds ago"

My account is the owner of the workspace. I use the same email on both. The test comes back with the button value I clicked, and a User ID. I'm guessing somehow m
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Hmm, and you've got no table or field specific permissions set, is that right?  Might want to open a support ticket as it sounds like a bug then!

Nope, the permissions are fine. Just double checked them. I opened a support ticket few hours after this thread, hoping they respond soon 🤞

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Did you get a solution for this?