Sorting a table omitting certain columns

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4 - Data Explorer

I would like to sort a table without sorting the last 2 columns, is there a way?
Thank you.

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I’m pretty sure there isn’t. There is, however, a way to mimick this outcome.

But I’m curious under what use case would two fields associated with a specific record suddenly need to be disassociated with that record?

Hi Bill,

My database is to keep a record of investments. I have a separate table for each Stock I am tracking as I have things like a chart mapping the Week ending price for each stock. The last few columns on the table are purely keeping track of each weeks price for the line chart so I can view the progress of the stock over time. The other rows on the table are taken up with each transaction Buy/Sell for each stock, so they need to be sorted by date, whereas the last few columns relate to the chart. I would prefer not to create yet another table for the chart information. I would welcome any suggestions.

Thank you,