Syncing a SUM to another table in a different base

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a table that I use to calculate expenses for a specific project. I would like the SUM of one of the columns to automate/sync/roll up/whatever?? to another record/field that is located in a different BASE (for invoicing purposes). Can this be done? Thank you!

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Without scripting, you could try:
1. Create a "Rollup" table
2. Create a single record in that new table
3. Link all your expenses to it, including creating an automation that will help you with this link
4. Create a rollup field with the formula `SUM(values)` to get the sum
5. Create a shared view in this table and allow data to be synced
6. In your other base, create a synced view from the shared view in the previous step