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I’m managing a conference registration process, and have a table of registrants gathered by a form which includes a formula field with names something like 02_SAT_COUNT that shows a 1 or 0 depending on whether the registrant selected a particular session in their registration form. This was created using a formula to see if a particular option was selected in a multiselect field, so it is not using linked records. What I need now is a way to send me an alert when the total number of registrations for a particular session reaches the maximum, so that I can remove that option from the registration form, thereby closing that workshop to further registrations. I have a separate table that lists all the sessions being offered, each using a unique code 02_SAT or 03_FRI that is similar to the one used in the name of my registration formula fields such as 02_SAT_COUNT.

What I’d love to do is find a way to increment a field in the Sessions table each time a new registration shows a 1 in the correct registration formula field, so that I have a running count of registrations for each session that can be used in automations, but I’m open to suggestions.

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The most straightforward way would be to use linked record fields instead of a multi-select. Then the linked record for the session could use a count field to see how many registrants there are.

If you cannot alter the form, you can have automations that create the links based off your formula fields.

Is there a way to use a “when record comes into view” trigger, on a special view for just the workshop I’m watching that just shows records with a 1 in the 02_SAT_Count field? Could the trigger be used to increment a sessions total registration field in the other table?

You cannot directly set a value in a record based on a view. you can trigger an automation to run based on a record coming into a view.