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4 - Data Explorer

Hello! I work at a nonprofit that offers technology training to bridge the digital divide. We are transitioning to Airtable and Typeform to manage our classes, partner relations, survey data, and more. We have many different class types that each have their own surveys. We built it out so that each survey has its own table in the same base that gets auto-filled via the Typeform integration. 

Currently, each survey also has a duplicate copy that is in Spanish. Because question answer choices have to match from Typeform to Airtable, I cannot field map the same Typeform question in an English survey as in the Spanish survey. For instance, I have to have a field for gender in English and a field for gender in Spanish. I was using Automations to automatically "translate" the Spanish fields into English fields that we use for our Interfaces (really just auto-populate what the translated version is into the English field). However, I have run out of Automations. 

Any suggestions on how to get our Spanish surveys auto-translated into our English fields? The image attached shows an example of the same question but one field in English and the next field in Spanish. How do I get any Spanish surveys to automatically populate the matching answer in the English field?

FYI: We have thought about having our questions and answers in Typeform and Airtable be English/Spanish without having duplicate copies for different languages. This would not be user-friendly because our survey questions and answers can get lengthy.

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Hi @elle,

I’m not sure if this will help immediately but might get you closer to a solution - my gut take is that you could be using one table for all surveys and build some views that show you the fields you desire for each survey type by hiding irrelevant fields. Store your English and Spanish responses in the same fields in Airtable and use a hidden populated field on the form to populate a field telling you whether an English survey link was used or a Spanish survey link was used, then you group by this or create appropriate views for each.