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6 - Interface Innovator

I’d like to trigger an AT automation with a webhook (when webhook received).
I want to trigger to this webhook from within a MAKE scenario… I don’t even want to send data… just trigger the AT automation at a certain step in my MAKE scenario. How can I do this? Webhook modules in MAKE don’t fit the bill… any workarounds? (API call or otherwise?)

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To call another webhook (any one, not just Airtable), you’ll use the HTTP module. I use the standard “Make a request” module for this kind of behavior. Here’s how to configure it for your use case:

  • Add the URL for the webhook
  • For the method, choose POST
  • Skip the “Headers” and “Query string” sections
  • Under “Body type” choose “Raw”
  • Under “Content type” choose “JSON (application/json)”
  • Because you’re not passing any data, the “Request content” can just be a pair of square braces representing an empty array: [] (no space between them)

That should be sufficient to trigger the webhook to launch the automation. However, without data passed, what is the automation going to do?

Thanks for your reply… will have a go. Two reasons:

  1. I wrote data in one table from user form entries in preceding steps. At the current step in MAKE, I want to trigger automations in AT to conduct table operations and handle the newly added data. So I just want to trigger those automations at the correct MAKE scenario step

  2. I want to do a dummy operation in AT to ‘wake up’ the bases so the AT syncing between tables/bases does happen, so my scenario in MAKE, which depends on synced tables doesn’t break down

Thanks again

You don’t need to custom-craft your own custom API call to do this. As I told you in your previous thread which you posted on this same exact topic, you can just run a “search records” module… or any other Airtable module that has already been pre-configured in Make. All modules make API calls.

This thread was about sending data to the webhook from MAKE… I wanted to know that, regardless (which was answered → via HTTP, great!)… the overlap with the other thread is because I’m answering his question here. Anyhow, I’m not clear on the ‘wake up’ method… the whole point of the original thread you had discussed elsewhere with other users, was that a user had detected that syncing was not happening with a 5 min sleep module in MAKE, and AT support had clarified that the bases needed to be active at the computer for the syncing to happen, and they’d advised that the wake up could be triggered from within an AT automation (they suggested a dummy operation - they said check and uncheck a checkbox field, as example), precisely because ‘calling’ from MAKE was not enough to make the bases appear active. Whether to test this, or for some reason, I’m was keen to understand how to trigger an automation from within MAKE (AT webhook)