Trying to do my fist basic automation. Set status of record when created

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


Apologies for posting such a basic question but I’ve read and tried but just can’t figure this out.

My requirement is simple. When a new record is created, I need to have an automation that sets a dropdown field to a value. The field is called “Review” and the value need to be set to ‘needs review’.

Here is a screenshot of where I’ve got to so far but not sure what I’m meant to add in the fields section? Can someone help?



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Welcome to the community, @Alan_Connor!

In the “Review” box, delete what you have there and type “Needs Review”.

Thanks Scott, much appreciated. I’ll do that.

Just as a final check, I take it typing is the only option? The field is a dropdown with a few different options, but does Airtable not allow you to just select the option that you want inserted?

Thanks again.


Unfortunately, the dropdown list is not available in automations.

Typing is not the only option, but it’s what you will need in your scenario.

Perfect, thanks again Scott.