Update ANY record in a table? Content calendar workflow help!

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all!

I'm trying to build an automation that's very similar to something like the automations found in platforms like Asana,, etc. but I'm getting errors and can't figure out why. I'm sure it's very simple, but I need help!

I'd like to set something up where if someone changes the status of a single dropdown from ANY record in a table, that it will update the status of another single dropdown from that same record.

EXAMPLE: We're creating a content calendar for our social clients. If we have records for POST A, POST B, and POST C, I want it so if someone changes a single dropdown labeled "Copy Workflow" to "Copy Approved" that in POST A, that it updates the status of another single dropdown in POST A labeled "Copy Status" to "Approved" automatically.

While I fully understand that I can create an automation dedication to POST A, there's going to be a LOT of different records (or posts in our case) being made constantly. I can't be making new automations every single time a record (or post) is made.

How can I set this automation up so that Airtable can recognize that if someone updates a specific drop from ANY record that it updates the status of a field in THAT record that they updated. Not all of them.

See screenshots for how we've currently got it setup. I've basically created two separate sections (groups) in each record - one for copy, one for creative - and at the VERY TOP there's a dropdown where my Account Managers or Clients can quickly see what the status of the approval workflow is instead of having to mess up the status of my Copywriting team, for example.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

They way you are expecting an automation to work is how it should work.  It will depend on what record you have selected to update in your update action.  It should have the record ID from the automation trigger.