Update Record automation to change name of primary field value

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6 - Interface Innovator

My automation runs when a form is submitted. This form includes two pre-filled fields: Asset Name and URL Location that are located in the Assets table

The form resides in the Updates table, and when the form is submitted, whatever value has been added to the URL Location on the form successfully updates that value in the URL Location field in the Assets table.

Now, I want to modify the automation so that when the form is submitted, it will also update the Asset Name field in the Assets table. But I am unable to fiddle with the pre-filled Asset Name value in the form, like I can with the URL Location value. I think this is because the Asset Name field in the Assets table is the primary field. I can easily change the name directly in the table itself but can't figure out how to do this through the form.

Any ideas are most welcome.

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9 - Sun

You can use the Find Records action type in Automations to identify the record in the Assets table and then use Update Record to update it. This assumes that when the form is submitted it contains the necessary information to identify the Assets table record.

Hi David, thanks for your suggestion. I realize I explained my dilemma poorly. My automation is working fine and my real problem is in the form that launches the automation.

Here's what's working fine:

Looking at my form, you'll note that URL Asset Location is a text entry box that can be edited. The underlying field is a URL field named Asset Location (URL). Whatever value I enter in the URL Asset Location entry box on the form, successfully replaces the value in the Asset Location (URL) field. 


Here are the automation parameters:


My problem is that I want to enter a different value in the Asset Name entry box but cannot. Even though the underlying field is a Single Text field, it's presented here as something like a linked field. The only thing I can do is click the plus sign that then displays a list of all the Asset Name values. Why is this field displayed in this way? It may be because Asset Name is the Primary Field?

I can easily rename or change the Asset Name value directly in the table, but cannot do so through the form.

How can I do that?


Now I see why I'm having a problem. The form is in Table B and the automation updates fields in Table A. However, Table B includes a linked field for Asset Name:


So, obviously, I cannot "edit" the Asset Name field direclty here, or in the form.

I'll re-think my logic but am still interested in any ideas.



You should still be able to use a subsequent Find Records action type in the Automation to identify the record in the other table. You should be able to find the record using the Asset Name field from the Updates table record that triggered the automation. Then use another Update Record action type to update it. So you will need to add two more actions to your automation.

Hey David, thanks to your suggestions, I realized that I had not set up my form correctly, nor set up all the fields I needed in the table that contains to form. I've to things working now.

Thank you!