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4 - Data Explorer

Dear community,

I have a question regarding the updating of the fields in Airtable. For instance, there are 100 customers and 50 of them have the Increase tag. I want to know how to make this flow:

A new record added–>If the customer has Increase tag–>Update field. And this update will be in every 1 minute or less.


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hi @Rustam_Samadzade,
I would suggest using Airtable automations to obtain what you are looking for. You would need:

POTENTIAL UNLIKELY RISK: If you have more than 50000 customers to update per month, you would hit the automation runs limit of Airtable. In that case, I would suggest you create the automation in Zapier/Integromat so that you could override the limit (even though 50000 runs in Zapier/Integromat might become a bit expensive).

Hope this helps!

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