Updating fields from one table to another using Java Script

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello Folks,

Hope you all are doing good. 

My Task - There are 2 tables. "Client Briefing Form" and "Master tracker". 

Both these tables have some fields in common. For example lets take a field named "Billing Information".

My task is to write a Java Script where, when we run that script the values inserted under "Billing Information" in the "Client Briefing Form" should automatically update the value under "Billing Information" in "Master tracker" table as well. So whenever someone enters a new record in the client table the master tracker will get updated as well.

As there are many fields i will need to hard code those values and create a loop.

I am very new to Air table so some help or hints will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

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If you're willing to use a non-script solution, you could potentially use an automation for this instead?  Make the automation create a new record in "Master Tracker" every time a record is created in "Client Briefing Form" and link them to each other, then use lookup fields to display the data instead

Best of luck for the scripting side of things!

Hey Thankyou soo much for the reply will look into it. 

Thanks again 🙂