Using an Automation to Copy Records from One Table to Another?

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In my quest to automate some off-boarding tasks I have had a hard time understanding how to do what I assume is a simple copy-paste. What I am trying to do is pull a set of pre-defined records from table C, into table B when I update a field in table A.

Are there any wizards out there that can help before I bang my head another 100 times?!


Table A contains user records ready for triage.

Table B contains assigned tasks for the employee leaving. Grouped by that employee that is leaving.

Table C contains all the tasks that are available to be assigned.


Currently there are two types of off boarding - Software and Software + Tech.

When Table A is populated with an employee that is leaving the company, we triage whether it’s someone with only software access (Software) or someone that has software access and hardware like a computer or mobile device (Software + Tech).

What I would like to be automated is when the off-boarding type is updated with either Software or Software + Tech, the records and fields in Table C are copied into Table B with the employee that is leaving.

This allows me to add and remove software and their respective admin from Table C so that any current off boarding will only pull the software tasks that are relative to our company at that time.

Thanks in advance you brave souls :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

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Hi Mike, yeap this is doable.

You’d link all the records in Table C to the newly created record in Table A, create a unique comma separated list, and paste that list into a linked field to Table B

Here’s a base where I’ve got something similar setup to get you going

(You can also hire me to set it up for you too!)