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4 - Data Explorer

I’m planning to automatically send an email to our customers if the Paid checkbox is ticked, so my trigger event is when the column for the Paid checkbox is updated but I am worried if I accidentally untick the checkbox and customers will receive multiple emails. Is there a way that I could create a warning pop-up that will ask me “Are you sure you want to proceed?”


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Welcome to the Airtable community!

If the trigger for the automation is “when the Paid checkbox is updated” then you are correct that unchecking the box will also trigger the automation. You could use a “when record meets conditions” trigger for when the checkbox is selected. However, if the checkbox is unselected and then reselected, it would trigger again. You may want to have condition with multiple requirements. In addition to the checkbox field, have a field for recording that the automation was run (such as a date field, a text field, or a single select field). Have the condition be that the check box is selected and the other field is empty. Then have the automation field set the other field as proof that the automation ran.

Thank you so much! I appreciate it.