Weekly Email Reminder for individual assignees when date is within 7 days

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4 - Data Explorer


My team and I have many due dates scattered around as we are show managers.

I recently built in a formula based off of weeks out from show time that the item needs to be completed, and how long it takes to complete it to in order to find out when we need to start the task.

I'm currently trying to send a weekly Monday email at 8am that sends to each assignee informing them on the upcoming start task dates coming up within the next week but have run into an array of issues and I don't know which angle to take it on.

Is it possible to automate this or is this too many fields? I have been reading a bunch of community forums but all have one part of what I need, but not completely.

Please note:

  • Some tasks have multiple assignees
  • This is for a view within a view

Any insight helps as I am fairly new to Airtable's automations and feel like I've done everything.

Below are the column fields on my base.

Once again, I'm trying to complete the following automation:

Email individual Assignees every Monday at 8am CST with their tasks starting within the next week that shows in a grid as -> Task, Description, Task Start Date

TasksDescription (Task)StatusWeeks Out to ShowtimeWeeks to Complete TaskTask Start DateTask Completion DateAssigneeCategory
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