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Advancing All Dates in Gantt Chart After Change (not taking weekends into account)

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Thank you in advance for your help.

I found a similar thread already but it doesn’t quite answer everything I need, so please bear with me.

My company writes books for service professionals who want to help people and gain credibility/visibility. We use the same process to write these books for every author-client. There are lots of deadlines that, if moved, would need to shift the dates of everything that comes after.

There is a thread that solves this but takes weekends into account. I can’t take weekends into account because there are so many steps over a period of several months, that if I take weekends into account, one shift could result in delivery of the final product weeks or maybe even months.

Is there an elegant, uncomplicated, easy solution to this?

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Hi @Jennifer_Sullivan,

If you are using formulas to get dates, I recommend looking at WORKDAY and WORKDAY_DIFF functions under Date and Time functions. They only take into account workdays and you can even specify holidays observed by your organization.

Hope this helps,

Hi Chris,
Thank you for the response.

I honestly have no idea about formulas. I just want to be able to be able to move a task in the Gantt view and have everything else after it move the same amount of days, all relative to each other. Or, change a date in the grid view and have all the dates after it change relative to that date. So something gets pushed back a week, everything else after it gets pushed back a week. Something moves up by two days, everything else gets moved up by two days.

The whole formula or scripting thing - I’ve poked around and found a script that I think does this but it takes into account weekends and I need it to not do that.

Hi @Jennifer_Sullivan,

I’m happy to help you in any way I can. Would you prefer to keep working on this yourself, with guidance from the community, or would you like to bring someone in for help on this?

I doubt you need a script to do this. From your description, it seems reasonable that a formula field, along with the appropriate formula, would give you what you need. I prefer to use/recommend the simplest method necessary to achieve a goal.


I don’t have the resources to bring someone in on this, unfortunately. I’ll just have to keep working on it with whatever help I can get from this awesome community.

I’m going to try to do the formula thing

Hi @Jennifer_Sullivan,

I completely understand resource allocation and there are lots of great resources here in the community.

Do you already have the table set up (in layout) the way you want it? What I mean is, do you have or know all the fields (columns) you need? If so, that is great and this can move right into formula help. If not, I recommend an app called Miro to whiteboard and map out the process. I find this helps save time in the long run and can even give a good visual for your process so you can work out any evolving changes/adaptations as your base gets used more and more.

As for the formulas, help me understand a little better which fields you have and what you want them to do. Do you only have one date that you want to modify directly (like a manual change) and then a set number of dates, dependent on that one date, that would update automatically (like what I show below)?

Copy of Airtable Community Space - Frame 3


Welcome to the Airtable community!

What you want is a running total with dates. The best way to handle running totals is with a script. If you try to do it all with formulas and linked records, you will end up with a circular reference, which Airtable does not allow.

Can you link to the thread that “takes weekends into account”? Could you also provide a screen shot of all the relevant fields in your grid view, including the column headings?