Anybody experiences strange attachment field behaviour? (copy past to add individual images issues)

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For me, something is broken with image attachments. I tried different browsers ,some browsers no possible to attach image, whether URL or copy past, and even the button to add image doesn't work. The other browser it works, but when I copy the URL, it will split into 2 attachments, one being non-descript "image.jpg" attachment (although I am copying from another field so it has already airtable specific string name) and another file which is basically the name of the attachment but the 2nd file is zero bytes so it shows error uploading. When copying the whole image, the copied image name gets a strange name "convert.jpg". So all copied images regardless of how many I copy are called in the new attachment field same name "convert.jpg" or "image.jpg" depending on whether I copy past the image or the url.

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