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Is it possible to automatically link records that. match a condition?
For example: i have a directory table in a base of all. the company employees and one of the fields is “team” and each employee has what. team he or she. belongs to. In. another table on the same base I have the things we need to buy, and those depend of the team you belong to. Is it possible to show in this second table all the people that. belong to a certain team from the directory table?

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The easiest way to do so is to outline a custom automation. So, no coding required, with a trigger in the vein of “when record matches condition: employee name: is not empty| and team: is empty.”

Edit: I just checked Airtable support pages, this won’t work for you if you’re on a free plan and need to repeat this action (or any other action, for that matter) often because the hard cap is at 100 automations a month. For that, consider adding a custom formula field that translates a lookup field’s value to a string representing the desired linked record (this won’t actually link to the record, however).

@valeria_tapia This can be done without automations, but it will require a slight change to your base design.

I’m guessing that the “team” indicator is a single select field in your [Employees] table (guessing the name of this and other tables). Change this to a link to a new table (I’ll call it [Teams]). Also link the records in the [Supplies] table to the appropriate team record from [Teams]. With those links in place, you can see all employees tied to each team on the [Teams] table, and you can add a lookup field that shows that employee collection in the [Supplies] table.

For example, say you have Bob and Alice linked to Team A. You would see “Team A” in the {Team} field for both Bob and Alice, and on the [Teams] table, you’d see both Bob and Alice on the “Team A” record. Over in the [Supplies] table, any record linked to Team A would show you both Bob and Alice via the lookup field.