Basic query regarding Base, Table, Record, Max no of Users and Editing permission

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a basic question but couldn’t get an idea even after watching many videos and reading articles as I am trying to compare them with Firestore. Please explain if possible with some example.

Are the Bases in Airtable similar to Collections in Firestore?
Are the Tables in Airtable similar to Documents in Firestore?
And, are the Columns in the Tables similar to keys and rows/records similar to Objects ?

I see that the records per base for the Pro plan shows as 50,000
Maximum number of users however shows as Unlimited.

Lets say i am using Pro plan and have an users collection
APP is publicly available for users in playstore/Appstore and the number of users installed and registered crosess above 50,000, will the later users be registered in a new base/table since the record limit (50,000) already reached under pro plan? If it works in a different way, please explain.

And, if its a Chat App and users can delete or update only their own messages, Will that be taken care by Authenticated user check function or edit permission feature available in Pro and above plan is needed for that?

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