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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Good Day, hope I posted this in the right section. New to Airtable and like what I’ve been exploring so far, especially the grouping feature!

I have this table that has a persons ID #, their First Name, Last Name, email, and their Check in and Check out dates/time. Some quick background, I work at an Institution where we track attendance of our facility that typically has a higher foot traffic. With COVID, we’ve been keep a close eye on who enter our facilities, as well contact tracing if someone later on is placed in quarantine or isolation.

So every time someone enters and leaves our facility, that information is tracked. The grouping feature has made it very nice to keep things organized and easy to look for information.

Today I received a list of individual id #, about 15-20 of them. Trying to find the best solution to quickly filter that table down into only seeing those list of ID numbers so I can report what date/time they may have entered my facility. I find it tedious to have to go to filter and manually type in each ID #, change it to OR (from AND) so my thought was to create another table and link it…but it appears to only pull record and not the entire group, since someone can enter the facility multiple times a day.

Not sure if there is any tools, automations, apps that can assist or if there is a function/setting I’m overlooking. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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