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4 - Data Explorer
  • Hello. i would like to see where i can get some templates for a business directory. Once i choose a template and set it up, i would like to post a link to it in a group im in and have other members of the group be able to add themselves to this directory. What plan do i need to have to make this happen and how do i go about setting it up and does the person doing the inputing to my directory need to have a airtable account? Thanks
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there!


Airtable is a great resource for creating directories. We have a few templates available for directories in our template gallery and the Airtable Universe that you can tweak to make it applicable to your use case. Here are direct links to directory templates on each site:


Directory templates in the Universe

Directory templates in the Airtable Template Gallery


If you only want other members to submit their information and not view/edit the actual base, you'd want to leverage form views. A form will allow them to input their information into the base, but not gain access to the base. If you'd like to share a particular view without adding users as collaborators on the base (ie: giving them access to the base), you can utilize Shared views. Filling out forms and accessing shared views will not require an Airtable account. 


For more information on pricing and how adding collaborators may affect that, please visit this article. General billing information for the different plans may be found here. I'd also recommend reading over our Billing FAQ article, which outlines some common questions around how our billing works. Hope this helps!