Can anybody help me automate this people scheduling challenge?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Explanation for this challenge as can be seen in this simple table I created:

We have a few people who mention their START DATE and END DATE
And there’s a table with a daily schedule

All I’m trying to achieve is to be able to show me in the Daily Schedule table who are the “PEOPLE” who are available on these days.

I need some formula that I’ll be able to keep adding more people to the list, and keep adding more events to the schedule, and always automatically see the people that are available for these events.

I did try a few different things.
Like, adding ALL people in the PEOPLE list manually by making the “PEOPLE” column a LINK to another field. But that’s a manual work.

Utilizing the above method with a ROLLUP field that only brings back the people who match my criteria of start and end date - as an array (comma separated), but again, I must first ADD all the people into the LINK field. When we have hundreds of people it’ll start being a tedios work to always add people manually to the main column, although the rollup will eventually pick only the ones who are within the dates I chose. Half a solution…

If you can help me figure this out it’ll be great.
There’s another issue I’m trying to tackle, but it’s a bit more advanced:
I added a “BOY” or “GIRL” single select in the people’s table
And also we have a ‘recommended for’ “boys” or “girls” in the schedule table.
If there was also a way to limit the chosen people automatically based on their chosen dates AND THEN based on their gender, that would be completely magical lol

So as you can see guys, it’s a simple table, but the task here might be a bit confusing.

Would love to hear how would YOU tackle this :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks in advance

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