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Combine data from 2 tables when you have a column (primary key") that exists in both

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I’ve got 2 tables that have duplicative information. Table 1 has a list of Waitlist Users and Table 2 has a list of users that have completed a survey. The reason I have 2 tables like this is because they’re source data (1 table has data coming in from our website form submission system and 1 table has data coming in from the survey tracking system). Both tables have an email column which can be used to connect the 2 tables.

I’d like to get the data from both tables together. It can either be with a new table (table 3) or by adding the missing information to one of 2 tables I already have. How would I go about doing this?

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Hi @Marlon_Misra,

Welcome to Airtable Community! :slightly_smiling_face:

This depends on how are you getting the data in Table 2 from the survey tracking system. Is it some kind of form that you integrate with Airtable directly or are you using a 3rd party app to do so?

I usually do this in one of two ways (both ways will use only 1 table instead of 2)

  1. Using MiniExtensions, I create a link to an Airtable Form that is prefilled with the user’s data which I then send it to them automatically via Zapier so they can add the missing info.

  2. Connecting the Form submission to Airtable Via Zapier. In Zapier you can use the Find function to look for the Email address and update the info. Also you can choose the option to create the record in case the email is not found in your table.

Option 3 would be to create a script that combines the duplicates into one record.

Hope this helps! If it does, please mark this as Solution so others can benefit from it



For the form I’m not integrating with Airtable directly. I’m using a Typeform + Zapier automation to fill out the table. What would you recommend in this situation?

Hi @Marlon_Misra,

In that case, use the Find Record function to find the record and update it. In the Fond Record function, you will also see an option if record not found create record, you will have to use it.