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4 - Data Explorer

HI Team,
I am facing difficulty in airtable whenever i open it.The cursor points always to 1st row.
when i have 200 rows and 200th is last edited row then it takes considerable time to go to last edited row,
so is there any way the cursor can point to last edited row after reopening sheet.
Thank You

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Welcome to the community, @Sachisuta_Dasa!

Unfortunately, there’s no way to automatically jump to the bottom row.

If your records are UNGROUPED, you can click into the first row, and then hit “command down arrow” (Mac) or “control down arrow” (Windows) to jump to the bottom row.

However, this will not work if your records are grouped. If your records are grouped, this will only jump you to the bottom of the first group.

You can see a list of other keyboard shortcuts by going into your base, clicking on “Help”, and choosing “Keyboard Shortcuts”.

Unfortunately, the keyboard shortcuts are not as comprehensive as I would like them to be, but there are a few good ones in there.