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Default drop down on every new record created

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Just created a “Stages” drop down in my Accounts table… in the CRM base… and… well… anyone that gets added there is… at a minimum a ‘Suspect’ (lowest stage of the funnel) - any way to setup a creation rule that every new account created automatically gets labelled with the 'Suspect stage? Thanks!

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You cannot currently set the default value for a single select field. However, you can create an automation that triggers when a record is created and sets the value.

Note that if you create a lot of records, this could use up a lot of automation runs. Also there is a slight delay where the value is blank before the automation finishes running.

There are also a few other workarounds.

If you create a new record in a grid view that is grouped by {Stages} by using the + bar for the group, the new record will created with the corresponding {Stage}.

If you create new records using a form view, you can create and bookmark a url that prefills the {Stages} with the value you want.