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4 - Data Explorer

Can I filter and see results from all tables in a base?
I’ve attempted to make a master table and link files to records from other tables but when filtering from within the “master table” it doesn’t search inside the linked record so it always pulls up as no results found. Is there a way to do this? Even being able to duplicate a record and apply it to a different table instead of only duplicating within its own table would be helpful to save me time copying and pasting every field.
I am using mobile and I know it doesn’t have all of the options as the desktop version which is a bummer. But that’s possibly the source of my issues if these capabilities already exist in your desktop model. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Aside from filtering between tables I have no complaints and absolutely love the product.

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Hmm, have you created lookup fields for all the fields you want to filter for within the "Master table"?

 Unfortunately lookup fields are not an option on the mobile version of Airtable. If I were to get it on desktop have you had success with that? 


It should work, yeah.  Once you add the lookup fields on Desktop you can use them in your filters on mobile