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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

The documentation seems to indicate that you can set a default value for one or more hidden fields in the Form Builder. This does not seem to work, at least for linked records.

"Default value - In most fields, you can insert a default value that the form submitter will have to manually adjust, otherwise the default value that is set here will return that value with each form submission. This can be especially useful when hiding the field from submitters such as a hidden status field. The formatting of the default value that you enter will depend on the field type." (emphasis added)

I want to use this feature to create multiple unique forms from the same "registration" table for different events - the external client completes a record via the "Event A form" and the new record automatically specifies it is for "Event A" within a linked records field (connected to a separate "Events" table) that the external client never sees. A different client could fill in a different, separate "Event B" form and that new record would go into the same Registrations table but with "Event B" in the linked records field instead.

However, when I try to set a linked record field's default value in the Rules section of the Form Builder editing pane, then hide that field, Form Builder seems to undo the default value, such that the hidden field is blank in new form submissions. Why isn't this behaving as expected?

Example here: The 6th field "Event" is a linked record field and has a default value linking to a record titled "This is the name of a record in an Events table". I want to hide that field, but still have anyone hitting submit from this form / this url generate a record with that default value selected.

NB: This is not the same as setting a default value for the field in the base itself, such that the default value applies to all records. I want to set the default value only for records created via a particular Form Builder form.

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Unfortunately, that documentation from Airtable is wrong. You may want to report the documentation problem to You can just link them to my post here to give them the correct information for updating the article.

Unfortunately, Airtable’s interface forms will never submit any data that is hidden through the visibility rules panel.

Unfortunately, Airtable’s forms will ONLY submit data from a hidden field if the field is hidden through the URL only.

Here is the link to a completely different support article which is actually correct, as this is currently the ONLY way to submit hidden data in Airtable:

In the meantime, if you’d like to successfully submit hidden fields that are set through conditional visibility rules and also have default values attached, this is possible through Fillout’s advanced forms for Airtable.

Fillout successfully submits conditionally-hidden fields that have default values and which are conditionally hidden through visibility rules. This works successfully for all field types (including linked record fields), and it works WITHOUT altering the URL in any way.

Fillout also offers about 100 other advanced form features for Airtable that you can’t get natively with Airtable’s forms, such as updating Airtable records through a form.